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About us

Country Creations was started in 1978 on a farm in Esko, Minnesota. Our primary business was selling stained glass supplies and teaching classes on staining glass. I then started making numerous stained glass cupboard doors, lamps and windows. As the years passed, I moved to bigger things. I would work large commercial stained glass commissions in Duluth and the surrounding areas.

In 1980, I wanted to add another form of design to the stained glass studio. I then went to Fenton Studio in Berkley California to take a sandblasting class, learning to carve and shape glass. In the next five years our business continued to use sandblasting as another medium to create our art.

In 1985 my father's health was declining. Doctors told him that he had a short time to live. One day while visiting with him he began to talk about his impending death. I tried to comfort him and asked if there was anything I could do for him. To my shock he said, "you can make my tombstone". I said, "Dad, I don't know anything about making tombstones". He said, "Well, you'll figure it out".

In 1986, I had to pick out a grave site. I asked the Cemetery Sexton, "Where can I buy a blank tombstone?" I told him of my father's request. I also asked him if he had any scrap granite we could practice on. He gave us a few broken stones that the cemetery had removed. My husband began practicing by drawing letters by hand and sandblasting every inch of the pieces.

In August of 1987, my father passed away. His marker was our very first we had ever made. Yes, we did figure it out. We have developed our own way of doing things.

In 1988, we purchased our first computer system that would assist us in our designs. We would design on the computer first, and then draw the design by hand onto stone. In 1992, we purchased our first complete computer system that would draw and print a scale drawing. It would send it to the cutter, increasing our speed two fold over night.

Country Creations is a family owned and operated company. With each job it is our legacy to my father that had such faith in us to do the best job that we could for him. We continue to grow, now having a catalog with over 800 marker and 200 monument designs. We give all our customers the same personal attention to detail as we did with my father in 1987. Our Company motto is "Where Quality is Remembered".

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